1. Rebirth of Tradition.

    Historical Fencing Champion Axel Pettersson, Sweden, in a “Domarring” (judgement ring) on the west coast of Sweden. This site was a burial place and a place for council, dating back to 2000 b.c.

  2. "Here begins the Knightly art of the Longsword"

    GHFS founder and Head instructor Anders Linnard, teaching in Holland, July 2013.

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  5. "If thou live til thou art olde, thou mayest learne still."
    —  -Joseph Swetnam, 1617
  6. Young Dutch fighters living their martial heritage at the Rory van Noort Childrens Dussack tournament 2013. The dussack is a single hand, single edge weapon popular in the 15-17th century throughout Europe, and is today a part of the curriculum of many Historical Fencing clubs around the world.

  7. Fencing Champion Axel Pettersson takes the win in the Invitational longsword tournament at the Rory van Noort memorial event, Netherlands 2013. Axel and Rory were good friends.

  8. Saviolo

  9. 1595 Club


  10. "Weak against strong, hard against soft and vice versa . Because when it is strong against strong, the stronger one will always win. That is why Liechtenauer’s swordsmanship is a true art that the weaker wins more easily by use of his art than the stronger by using his strength. Otherwise what use would the art be?"
    — “Hanko Döbringer” manuscript, late 13th century
  11. Axel Pettersson (closest to the camera) vs Thomas Nyzell, during the elimination rounds at Swordfish 2012

  13. Luis Preto, master of Jogo do pau, portugese stick fighting.